MoodHelper is an online program for adults who want help managing their depression. Going at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, you can learn skills to overcome depression that have been effective for millions of people.

“I spent most of my time on the website in the fun activities section and I’m still seeing good results from the things I started doing as a result of that.” -Female, age 44

“I feel so much better now that I’ve been focusing on the behavioral part. It’s nice that I don’t have to use both sections because I’ve worked with the cognitive section so much in the past.” -Female, age 25

"I have been doing it and then I am getting more into making it a habit. So it is more looking into my daily schedule of making sure that I am applying these habits. I think it has been really helpful." -Female, age 57

“Between talking to you and taking a more rational approach, I’m in a much better place now.” -Male, age 39

“This really turned things around. I was at a dead end, ready to throw in the towel.” -Male, age 74

“Doing the Activities & 5 Column Form has made me feel so good…it’s a reward in itself! I feel better than I have for months. This has given me a way to get through a difficult time of year.” -Male, age 55

“I thought it [Activity/Mood Log] would be boring, but I have the freedom to make it my own.” -Female, age 59

“I have the sword to do battle with now.”
-Female, age 43

“This is amazing.”
-Female, age 33

“I’m really busy, but the website makes it easy to spend even 10 minutes every morning working on my activity and mood graph. Plus having a coach helps me keep on track with the 5 column form.” -Male, age 52

“I’m often a negative person, the website has really helped me be aware of my thoughts and challenge them. This gets me out of my comfort zone and has improved my mood.” -Female, 47

“This has changed my life just in the short time that I’ve used it. I use it for everything…anytime I get stuck. The calls help greatly.” -Female, age 63

“Thank you, MoodHelper. It’s an awesome program. It should be adopted by mental health care facilities. It is a solid, well rounded program and should be helpful if utilized regularly.” -Female, age 52

“It’s really good, because it trains you. It’s not just like a counselor sitting there and listening, it actually gives you tools to use, and that’s really helpful.” -Female, age 55

Step-by-step training that provides skills for dealing with depression

Personalized feedback that analyzes how your daily activities affect your mood

An easy test for measuring your mood and keeping track of changes

Invitation Codes

Your invitation code is located on the MoodHelper program material you received. If you have misplaced this information, please call 1-866-355-0037.