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CHR Hawaii

An environment with extensive clinical collaboration and a wealth of cultural diversity. Collaborative research with national and international partners. Work on health programs and policy with the local community.
In Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu (“sheltered bay”) rests along the southeast coast of Oahu, one of eight main islands in the Hawaiian Islands chain in the South Pacific. Beautiful beaches, outdoor attractions and activities, rich history and culture. 
Part of Kaiser Permanente Hawaii. A connection that gives our researchers unparalleled data sources in a full-service health system that cares for all ages and walks of life.
One of the world's most demographically diverse populations. A geographical area with large ethnic populations, including Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and America's largest population of Asian Americans.

Research focus. Especially attuned to the health issues of the local population, which suffers disproportionately from several chronic diseases, primarily diabetes and heart disease. Research includes chronic disease prevention and epidemiology, as well as women's and adolescent health, including nutritional and genetic factors that may influence development.


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