Gregory A. Nichols, PhD

Senior Investigator
Gregory Nichols

Dr. Gregory Nichols' research experience melds scientific training and policy vision with a hands-on understanding of the complexities of obtaining and analyzing health-utilization data.

Dr. Nichols constructed Kaiser Permanente Northwest's Diabetes Registry in 1989 and has used it to conduct health services, economic, and epidemiologic research studies on patients before and after diabetes diagnosis. A recent focus of his work has been anti-hyperglycemic treatment failure in type 2 diabetes, and the development of decision rules to assist clinicians in responding to this type of treatment failure.

Other areas of interest include cardiovascular disease and depression, as well as the precursors to both diabetes and cardiovascular disease, commonly known as metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Nichols is leading the creation of a 12-site diabetes registry that involves HMO research partners from around the United States. Other projects include a study of diabetes incidence for all possible combinations of metabolic syndrome components and costs of medical care associated with components of the metabolic syndrome. Dr. Nichols also led a study of changes in HDL cholesterol and risk of subsequent cardiovascular-disease hospitalization among patients with diabetes. He is a co-investigator on a multi-site study of outcomes related to further intensifying diabetes therapy in patients already on at least two medications, and on another multi-site study on initiating metformin early versus later following diabetes diagnosis.

Before becoming a CHR Investigator, Dr. Nichols served as a senior research associate at CHR, a rate analyst for Kaiser Permanente, and a financial analyst for the Northrop Corporation. He holds a PhD in public administration and policy from Portland State University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.


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Recent Publications

Green CA, Yarborough BJH, Leo MC, Stumbo SP, Perrin NA, Nichols GA, Stevens VJ. Weight maintenance following the STRIDE lifestyle intervention for individuals taking antipsychotic medications. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2015 Oct;23(10):1995-2001. PMCID: PMC4586363 [Available on 2016-04-01]   Full text
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Nichols GA, Rosales AG, Kimes TM, Tunceli K, Kurtyka K, Mavros P, Steiner JF. Impact on glycated haemoglobin of a biological response-based measure of medication adherence. Diabetes Obes Metab. 2015 Apr 16. doi: 10.1111/dom.12476. [Epub ahead of print]   PubMed abstract
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Green CA, Yarborough BJ, Leo MC, Yarborough MT, Stumbo SP, Janoff SL, Perrin NA, Nichols GA, Stevens, VJ. The STRIDE weight loss and lifestyle intervention for individuals taking antipsychotic medications: A randomized trial. Am J Psychiatry, 2015;172(1):71-81. [Epub 2014 Oct 31] PMCID: PMC4282602 [Available on 2016/1/1]   Full text

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