Gloria D. Coronado, PhD

Senior Investigator
Mitch Greenlick Endowed Scientist for Health Disparities
Gloria Coronado

Dr. Gloria Coronado is an epidemiologist who conducts research on health disparities related to cancer prevention among underserved populations. She designs and evaluates clinic-based interventions to improve participation in cancer prevention screening and diagnostic follow-up among patients at Latino-serving community health clinics.

In her diverse portfolio of research, Dr. Coronado has examined Latino parents’ acceptance of the HPV vaccine for girls, evaluated strategies for reducing pesticide exposure for children of farm workers, and developed innovative, culturally tailored programs for reducing diabetes and cancer risks among Latinos in a rural setting. She has collaborated broadly with Latino-serving community-based organizations both locally and nationally.

Dr. Coronado came to the Center for Health Research from the Cancer Prevention Program at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, where she led a training program that prepared diverse undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students to conduct cancer research. The program provides mentored research and professional development workshops to accelerate students’ readiness to attend graduate programs in biomedical sciences.

Dr. Coronado received her PhD in epidemiology from the University of Washington and became a research associate professor in the university’s Department of Epidemiology. She also received training at Stanford University. In 2009, she participated in the National Hispana Leadership Institute, an executive leadership training program.


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Recent Publications

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