Principal Investigators

Gloria Coronado

Gloria D. Coronado, PhD, Senior Investigator
Mitch Greenlick Endowed Scientist for Health Disparities
The Center for Health Research, Kaiser Permanente Northwest (CHR)

Dr. Coronado's research areas include community interventions, clinic-based interventions, health behavior and health promotion, participant recruitment and enrollment strategies. She specializes in research involving the Latino population. Dr. Coronado is a former associate member and epidemiologist in the Public Health Sciences division of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.


Beverly Green

Beverly B. Green, MD, MPH, Associate Investigator
Group Health Family Physician
Group Health Research Institute

Dr. Green is a practicing family doctor at Group Health Cooperative and an Associate Investigator at Group Health Research Institute and at the University of Washington in the Department of Family Medicine. Her research focuses on pragmatic-clinical trials and leveraging electronic health records and remote communications to deliver more effective and efficient evidenced-based care.


Project Team

Center for Health Research- KP

Amanda Petrik  
CHR Research Associate/ Project Coordinator

Sally Retecki  
Community Research Liaison  

Jennifer Rivelli (Sanchez)   
CHR Research Associate I

Keshia Bigler
CHR Research Associate I

Rich Meenan 
CHR Science Director, Co-Investigator

Jennifer Schneider
CHR Research Associate/ Qualitative Lead

Bill Vollmer 
CHR Sr Investigator, Co-Investigator

Erin Keast 
CHR Research Analyst

Tanya Kapka 
Virginia Garcia Physician

Evelyn Seibel
Lean Healthcare West, PDSA Lead

Jennifer Coury
CHR Research Associate, Care Oregon QI Analyst


Scott Fields
Chief Medical Officer

Joy Woodall
Project Manager

Jon Puro
Data Specialist

Mary Middendorf