Clinic Materials

Because the goal of the STOP program is to transform the way that colorectal cancer screening is delivered, the program was designed to be sustained. Rather than building a stand-alone tracking system, we built a population management system directly into the electronic health record. The care that patients receive at the clinic will therefore complement and reinforce this automated program. Here are procedures, posters, and materials that you may need in your clinics as STOP CRC rolls out.


Workflow Job Aid Templates

Please visit the OCHIN Learning Management System at to access the training documents.

Mailing Introductory Letters

Mailing Reminder Letters

Incoming Phone Calls

Mailing the FIT Kit- Interface Lab Processing

Mailing the FIT Kit- In-house Lab Processing

Mailed Letters

Introduction Letter

Introduction Letter, Black and White

Introduction Letter, 4 Languages

Reminder Letter

Reminder Letter, Black and White

Kit Insert Sent with FIT Kit

Kit Insert Sent with FIT Kit, Black and White

Results Letter: Positive & Negative

Instructions for FIT/IFOBT Kits

FIT Kit Instructions, OC Light

FIT Kit Instructions, OC Micro

FIT Kit Instructions, OC Micro (Written + Wordless)

FIT Kit Instructions, Insure A

FIT Kit Instructions, Insure B

FIT Kit Instructions, Insure Cartoon

Health Point Instructions, Consult Cartoon

IFOBT Instructions, Consult A

IFOBT Instructions, Consult B

Clinic Posters

Get Screened Clinic Poster, Landscape

Get Screened Clinic Poster, Vertical

Get Screened Clinic Poster, English

Sea Mar Messages (STOP CRC)

Sea Mar Messages: Text, Auto-call, Patient Portal

Additional materials from ACS and NCCRT


Technical Training Materials

Technical Job Aids are available through OCHIN's training portal. Click here to access the OCHIN Learning Management System for training, and login using your usual access information. The following training materials are available to help you with the Epic components needed for the STOP CRC reporting and tracking:

  • Health Maintenance Job Aid
  • Reporting Workbench: Overview, Running and Editing Reports, Working with Results
  • Best Practices Alert (Colorectal Screening)
  • Smart Set Workflow Training