Research Coordinators, Research Associates, and Post Docs

In addition to the multi-disciplinary collaboration of investigators, research associates and many other people help make the Network run smoothly.

 Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research
Jen Coury Research Associate 503-335-6341
Deborah Reck Project Manager 503-335-6612
 Kaiser Permanente’s Institute for Health Research
Bonnie Leeman-Castillo Research Associate 303-614-1344
 Penn State University
Michelle Blocklin Graduate Student  
Kelly Davis Project Manager 814-867-2133
Kim Walter Graduate Student
Courtney Whetzel Research Associate 814-865-5559
 Portland State University
Krista Brockwood Project Manager 503-725-8197
 RTI International
Jesse Hinde Research Associate 919-541-1209
Marni Kan Research Psychologist 919-485-2756
Frank Mierzwa Survey Director 919-485-7727
Daniel Reeves Research Associate 919-541-8767
 Harvard School of Public Health
Michael Ostler Project Director 617-384-6538
 University of Minnesota
Rachel Magennis Project Manager 612-624-3100