The Nation’s Network

The nation’s network conducts research in working dental offices, with real-life patients, on topics relevant to daily clinical practice. Dental practitioners partner with clinical researchers to evaluate existing and novel strategies for improving patient’s oral health. The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network is funded by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

The Western Region

The Western Region of the nation’s network is administratively staffed through the Center for Health Research in Portland Oregon. With 50 years of health services research experience and a proven track record of implementing research programs in clinical practice environments, we are exceptionally well positioned to partner with dental providers to answer questions that are important to oral health and dentistry.

About the Western Region Meetings Western Region Staff

Be part of the Western Region
Connect with colleagues

Attend local and national meetings where you can connect with colleagues facing some of the same clinical questions as you. Get study results and details about new studies while you earn Continuing Education (CE) credit.

Conduct your own research study

One of the most rewarding network experiences is collecting data from real patients in your clinic. Compare your results to those of dental providers in different locations and in different practice types, while increasing your knowledge in the field of dentistry.

Network goals

  • Partner with practitioners to minimize impact on clinic operations and patient flow
  • Strengthen knowledge base for clinical decision-making
  • Improve integration of dental and medical care
  • Enhance translation of findings into clinical practice
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Benefits of enrolling

  • Propose study ideas that matter to you
  • Conduct clinical studies in your clinical setting
  • Receive timely study results
  • Discuss implications with network colleagues
  • Present study results at local and national professional meetings
  • Earn CE credits through network activity
  • Enhance your scientific knowledge in ways that help patient care

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