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Resolve is a research study that is looking at ways to help people manage high-impact chronic pain. High-impact chronic pain is pain that affects your day-to-day activities and doesn’t go away with time.

(What's this?)

Who can join?

The Resolve study is inviting people to join who...

  • Are 18 years and older
  • Have high-impact chronic pain
  • Receive their health care at select Kaiser Permanente regions or from Essentia Health

Read more about what will happen if you participate in the study and how you can receive incentives for completing study surveys.

Reasons to join the study

Resolve offers resources for coping with chronic pain at no cost to you

If you join the study, you will be randomly assigned (like flipping a coin) to get one of these three services:

  1. A printed resource guide on chronic pain management
  2. Access to an online training program that teaches pain coping skills, or
  3. Access to a training program that teaches pain coping skills with a live coach who would meet with you by phone or video.
All study tasks can be done from home, at your convenience

Any of the services provided by the study can be accessed from the comfort of your home. And, the surveys can be done from home in the way that you want – we’ll mail them to you, call you, or you can do them online.

You may see an improvement

We cannot promise any direct benefits by taking part in this study. However, some people who received the pain management tools used in this study experienced improvements in their pain.

It's confidential

Our team has decades of experience in health research and we are based within nationally recognized health care systems. We will never sell, rent, or lease your information. Everything you tell us is private and used only for the study.

It makes a difference

Most of what we know about how to stay healthy comes from studies like this one. Be a part of something big: Help us gain new knowledge about the best ways to help people manage chronic pain and together we can potentially help others.